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  • By frequent request, the publication form Preprint/Postprint/Working paper/Discussion paper was divided into two publication forms: Preprint/Postprint and Working Paper/Discussion paper. The existing records were converted.
  • Start of issuing of DOIs for publications

What is EPub Bayreuth?

EPub Bayreuth serves as the document and publication server of the University of Bayreuth. As an institutional repository, it provides the means to publish the full texts of scholarly publications of the staff members of the University of Bayreuth, offers access to the public and thus makes them searchable in various ways. Publications, which are in progress or already published (i.e. journal articles) may be placed here as well. Attention should be paid to the limits of the secondary publication right.

Since February 2014 EPub Bayreuth replaces the previous solution OPUS.

In terms of content, EPub Bayreuth's structure mirrors the organisation of the University. Authors enter the necessary data in person or by proxy after completing the log in process with their personal user id and subsequently upload the document itself. The bibliographic data of documents published on EPub Bayreuth will be automatically transferred to ERef Bayreuth, the server available for the preparation of the University's bibliography.

The University of Bayreuth's Open Access Strategy

The University of Bayreuth endorses the goals of Open Access. With the help of EPub Bayreuth, the full text of your publication can be released in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access.

EPub Bayreuth is linked to the international project Open Archives Initiative. The contents stored on the publication server are consequently searchable through all key tools (OAIster, BASE, Google Scholar, etc.).

In order to support authors and as an incentive within the framework of the University of Bayreuth's Open Access Strategy, there is a publication fund available, from which any fees arising from the publication in an open access journal can be met up to 100%.

New: EPub Bayreuth is validated for OpenAIRE 3.0. In this version it is not only possible to publish works on EPub Bayreuth that originate from FP7 or Horizon2020 projects, but also works originating from non-EU projects, related to OpenAIRE, and from projects sponsored by other organisations (e.g. Wellcome Trust).

Further information

EPub Bayreuth supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of https://epub.uni-bayreuth.de/cgi/oai2
EPub Bayreuth uses EPrints 3, an open source software developed by the University of Southampton.